An-nyo'ng-ha-se-yo (Hello) Kogi Truck!

Gourmet food trucks are a growing trend.  They are cheaper to operate but at the same time they are known for putting out killer food.  Kogi Truck is no exception.  These guys are doing something new and fresh while also doing it right.  The reason I say that is they now have 4 trucks the cruise around socal serving up classic korean/mexican delights.  Did I say “classic”?  Hell yes!  Eat there once and you will call it a classic as well.  How many food trucks have you seen that have a line of 250+ waiting in in a parking lot at night in winter to get food?

Kim and I waited in line 2 hours to get our food and it was worth it.  The menu is small but flavorful and we tried a lot of it.  The unique part is they take classic korean ingredients made fresh and put a mexican almost “taqueria” twist on it.  Example would be korean BBQ short-ribs “kalbi” made into a taco or burrito with asian cabbage and different sauces.  Out of this world good.
This was our dinner. It included a great bottle of 2008 Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel
Like I said we tried a lot off there menu.  Here is the break down.  If you want to see better pictures and a complete menu go to
Spicy Pork and Chicken Tacos
Kogi BBQ - Kimchi Quesadilla (AWESOME!!)
Calamari Taco and Tres Leches Cake - The cake was to die for.
Kogi BBQ - Kalbi Short-rib Burrito
This was all mine!  A Kalbi Short-rib burrito.  Unreal!  Very hard to describe.  I think I need another one to do it justice.  The meat was marinated the caramelized to perfection, it had some good heat and the flavor combination was like nothing I have had before.  Yes I will do that again, and again!

I think I can get used to the growing trend of Gourmet Food Trucks.  That was our first and we are looking forward to more.  My father is looking forward to visiting the Grilled Cheese Truck.  Their menu looks delicious.  However they are only LA (Not that it will stop anyone from driving there).  It was nice to see Kogi have a truck in the OC.  They seem to be doing well so I am sure it is only a matter of time before more arrive with their delights.

Kogi Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “An-nyo'ng-ha-se-yo (Hello) Kogi Truck!

  1. I agree the Gourmet Food Truck craze will get bigger and better and I can't wait for the trend to spread to OC. Jane and I will be in downtown (DTLA) at the LA Food Fest watch for our reviews and pictures on Face Book at Gourmet Food Trucks Please become a fan of Gourmet Food Trucks and post your comment, discussion and watch the event page.

  2. YUM! That quesedilla looks awesome and I can't wait to see a post from the grilled cheese truck. :)One of my very favorite dives is "El Indio" in San Diego. I've been eating there as long as I can remember and its turned into a nice chain in San Diego, but in the beginning it was truly a dive. Last time I was down there I noticed that the DDD guy had stopped by and used them in an episode. Totally worth the drive. Definitely go to the original on India Street.

  3. Michelle – El Indio is a regular stop for us. Love their fresh corn tortillas and the morditas! Taquitos smothered in nacho cheese, Yum! Next door is Blue Water Grill and they are a DDD joint as well. They do incredible fish tacos with El Indio tortillas. If you have nto been their you have to check it out. However plan to wait in line!

  4. That is very cool Kelly! I am glad you liked it. We both loved it and will be happy to wait in line again!

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