Finally! This has been a long time coming!

I finally had to sit down and get writing.  My wife and I have been taking time to enjoy different food and libations for the last couple of years.  One thing you need to know about us is we have very addictive personalities.  So……… when we started watching a little TV show called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network we were off and running.  If you have not yet watched the show and you like good food, I suggest you add a Tivo season pass ASAP!

There we were watching a bunch of these 30 minute shows where the host travels around the country finding the best, tastiest and funkiest joints there are.  We are talking the best burgers, the best smoked foods, the best breakfasts, so on and so on.  Well after a few of those, our mouths were watering, and we just had to try one. Our first Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) was Gaffey Street Diner in San Pedro, Ca.  The reason we went there:

French Toast Supreme

Yes, that is the French Toast Supreme!  Cinnamon bread with fresh berries, almonds, fresh whipped cream and kalua sauce.  WOW.  My wife (Kim) loved it.  She has had it a number of times since.  One thing to note, if you are planning to try Gaffey Street Diner and someone in your group wants the French Toast Supreme then you will need to go on the weekend after 8am on Saturday.  Someday I will tell you why I know this much detail.

That breakfast was also the first time my parents had been to a Triple D.  It was my father’s (Dan) birthday and they had been watching the show longer than us.  They both really enjoyed Gaffey’s as well.  Now that I think about it my mom (Jane) had the same thing as Kim.  She loved it too, and like Kim has been back a number of times to get it again.

After Gaffey’s Kim and I were hooked.  Since then we have been about 30+ different Triple Ds.  We have completed two driving vacations over the last year or so and stopped at most of the joints in California and Arizona.  There are lot of spectacular ones and a lot that were good but we do not need to go back to.  So far we have not been to a bad one.  I would like to share all of those experiences (at least the ones I remember) but I am not sure how I should do it.  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.  Should I post date posts or maybe just plug them in.

Kim and I are starting to look for little gems ourselves.  Last weekend we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant in North Hollywood called Mofongos.  WOW, they make a great mofongo.  Kim ordered the shrimp and I had a pork chop dish.  It was all delicious! We will go back again.

Recently my father has been looking into Gourmet Food Trucks (His brand-new Facebook Fan page).  Now this one sounds fun.  Tonight, Kim and I are going to one we have heard about for years called the  Kogi Truck.  I cannot wait as this will be our first one!!  If all goes well I will post another entry tonight or tomorrow with pictures.

Good food is something Kim and I have always had in common.  Kim has always enjoyed cooking.  Before the career I have today I worked in a kitchen and worked my way up to chef.  I had the pleasure of competing in a “Grand Cuisine” cooking show.  I did not place but it was an incredible experience.  Someone that I competed against was Roy from Roy’s restaurants.  Yes, I know he does great work.  He might have placed or won that year.  That was all a long time ago.  Over the last couple of years I have started to enjoy cooking again.  These days I am much more about comfort food but I never know where inspiration will be.  I am thinking about sharing those experiences on here as well.  Plus if anyone actually reads this maybe they will have things to share with us as well.

Now Kim and I are not all about food.  We like our alcohol as well.  Kim is a Martini girl and I love good tequila (and Vodka, and……).  We are always mixing and trying new things.  There will be quick updates that share what we have either found, created or just mixed.  Wine is one of those areas where we are dabbling in again.  We are no way wine snobs nor do we know much about wine.  We just know what tastes good to us or not.  But we are learning.

Kim and I have been having a blast exploring the world of alcohol and food.  We hope that you enjoy our experiences and go out and try new things yourself.  Please comment on our posts.  Tell us what you like or even something that we may have liked that you hated.  There is a lot out there to enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Finally! This has been a long time coming!

  1. great post, gaffey diner is minutes away from my oad so I will be trying it next saaturday after 8. If u are interested in food trucks follow my pal @DinDin_A_GoGo he promotes weekly food truck gatherings all over the southbay and kogi is sometimes invited, i personally enjoy the one at Narbonne High School.

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